Ian Smart

A response to “Godwiniser-in-chief” Ian Smart’s recipe for the renewal of Scottish Labour

I posted the following comment as “ndls61” in response to Ian Smart’s most recent blog “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and thought I would repeat it here in case (given his thin skin when it comes to being called out for his closet racism and constant “Godwinising” of SNP supporters and members as fascists and Nazis) he deletes it! 😉


The almost complete lack of self awareness exhibited by this blog, and it has to be said some of the comments in support by Labour “bittereinders”, would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad. Ian Smart is of course a prime example of the kind of person who contributed to Labour’s electoral seppuku, so it is hardly surprising that the response from the shell shocked Mr Smart is to call for a fresh faced messiah untainted by past associations and failure to lead the shattered remnants of the Labour kamikaze brigade back to the sunny uplands of electoral success.

Really? That’s it? You honestly believe choosing some unknown Labour activist with no past record is supposed to slay the SNP dragon?

The SNP didn’t crush you because of independence, or even because of their formidable organisation and total domination of the cybersphere, still less was it attributable to the monstrous lie that they throw more mud around, or direct it more effectively.

If you want to try and reconstruct your party, you might start by tabling a detailed plan for delivering the maximum possible devolution compatible with your unionist beliefs, and a commitment to using that level of devolution to the benefit of the Scots people by promoting radical, progressive measures to reduce poverty, increase opportunity and equality and present a real alternative to austerity policies, not simply a pale imitation of the Tories policies.

You don’t have long to come up with a new, progressive vision for a fully devolved Scottish Labour party acting in the interests of the Scottish people within a unionist context. It’s a project which will take years; probably one or even two Westminster parliamentary terms. You do however have to at least make a good start on it by the Holyrood elections in 2016, and be able to lay that vision before the people and explain how you plan to bring it about and what your timescale is.

I wish you luck. You’re going to need it, particularly with unrepentant supporters of the failed New Labour project like Ian Smart sitting on the side-lines “Godwinising” for all they are worth about the Nazis and fascists in the SNP. It’s attitudes like that which have contributed to the demise of a once proud movement; unless you root them out, you won’t survive, and frankly you won’t deserve to.